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The Dark Harvest is Upon Us Again…

Counting down the leaves to September 23, the first day of autumn. Summer is still here and I hate it more than ever. Breaking local news alerts keep popping on my phone that an “intense” heat wave is about to broil our organs and roast our skins alive out here in the drought-stricken Southern California hellscape. It doesn’t help that our Cousin Christine is coming into town today for a much-anticipated visit and we have to seep into the cruel, soupy, oven-like atmosphere tonight to catch Katey Sagal and the Forest Rangers at the El Rey. While I’m very much looking forward to hearing all the cool songs from “Sons of Anarchy” played live, I WILL be wearing SHORTS…and an ice-pack up my ass-crack. The wife will attempt to contest this decision, naturally, and lose.


In the next 8 weeks or so, you might start to see a darker side of Max Koch (What?! There’s an even darker side?!?). But don’t worry. This is actually my happiest, most contented time of the year. Halloween is just around the corner and you know what THAT means. The drug store aisles are stocking up on spooky masks, skelly flashlights, and jack-o-lantern candy carriers. Pumpkin spice lattes are flying off the counters at your local Starbucks stores, and new (shitty) horror flicks you won’t be able to resist switching off after 20 minutes are uploading to Netflix as I type. It’s ALL happening right under your spirit-gum-sticking, rubber witch nose.

Halloween is my thrive time. I find myself feeling extra-creative and inspired during this span. The powers of the last summer “super moon” that rose back on September 8th helped – it’s a “harvest moon” no less – as is the fact that I want to get back to drawing a very ominous world I created called Max Koch’s Dark Harvest

It’s now September 12th today, so here’s “Uncle Samuel” to lewdly lure into your weekend. Hi, Uncle Samuel! (Uh, word to the wise…Uncle Samuel is a filthy, psychotic cannibal, so…you might wanna steer clear if you’re not up for being VIOLENTLY CONSUMED).

Dark Harvest 9:12

WINE PAIRING: The Night Harvest Cabernet Sauvignon appears to be VERY affordable, which is NEVER a bad thing. Let it breath for about 45 minutes and think about what you want be for Halloween. Go for something COMPLETELY out of character from yourself. I dare you.

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