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Max Koch Gets ACUPUNCTURE (New Video)

I’ll be honest here: I don’t make many new friends these days. Sadly, I’ve become very distrusting of people who act like they wanna get close to me and that’s a bad thing. But my new friend Marica Thomas, who I took a hosting class with earlier this year, is one I don’t appear to distrust. Mainly because I now allow her to stick NEEDLES IN MY BODY.

Here’s a little video we made of Marica doing her thing. I’m not sure why YouTube videos get cut off when I post them here in the blog (do you see that or is it just me?), but I would click the link and watch it on YouTube itself. See, I plan to make many, many videos for this site and I want you to enjoy them as effortlessly as possible. 

WINE PAIRING:  Check out the Eye of the Needle winery website. I just did. Randomly! Columbia Valley!

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