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Schnebly Redland’s Winery

I just HAD to quickly tell you about Schnebly Redland’s Winery. This place was extra special and we managed to hit it on our way down to Key West.


On the Schnebly website, they instruct you to “Uncork. Unplug. Unwind.” And that is EXACTLY what we did. And what’s SO exciting about Schnebly is all of their wines are made from…are you ready? Tropical fruit! I’m talkin’ mangos and lychee, guava, avocados, and – my most favorite, by far – PASSION fruit. Liquid sex, sister!

Here. You gotta check out our visit to Schnebly in Part ONE of the newly-posted “Max Koch Goes to Florida” video. Oh, and wait’ll you see the big ol’ brown iguana they got runnin’ around down there. Click the pic below of the winery’s breathtakingly-stunning fountain and GO:


WINE PAIRING: Most definitely give the Schnebly Sparkling Passion a splash. We bought a couple bottles with us down to Key West when we stayed at the Parrot Key Hotel & Resort and they most perfectly punctuated our sunsets.

And special thanks to Ernesto and George at Schnebly for being so cool to us and letting us film!

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