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Waiting Tables (New Video)

Holy crap, was I a lousy waiter. I did NOT fare well in food service. And it’s so crazy, because I just read a story about how Restaurant Workers haven’t gotten a min. wage hike in 25 years. NOT COOL, MAN.

Anyhow. The point is: I’ve just uploaded a new video about how much I sucked at waiting tables. It’s the last clip I’m going to post from the one-man show I did back in 2000. Looking back on this segment, I was most taken aback by how accurate I was channeling all the grotesque patrons I waited on. I mean, there is LITTLE to NO exaggeration going on.

Here, see for yourself. Click the pic I drew of these horrific creatures below and GO!


WINE PAIRING: Y’know, people often ask me what kind of wine opener they should buy. I always used to open bottles at my tables, and, to this day, I can’t recommend the Ebony Wood Waiters Corkscrew by HiCoup enough. It’s a colossally kickass tool.