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“These Final Hours”

I am a BIG fan of End Times movies.  Especially ones like “Threads” and “When the Wind Blows.”  The Apocalypse has always been a major obsession of mine.  I’m even one of the few persons I know who prefers “Fear the Walking Dead” over “The Walking Dead” and I’ve read the Walking Dead books!  It just feels more viable to me, Fear.  It also helps that it takes place in Los Angeles (where I live) and so I sorta get a morbid kick outta seeing it all slowly break down around here versus back in Georgia with Rick Grimes and the gang, zombie scenario-wise.


See, it’s ALL about the dread for me.  But it’s also about figuring out how the hell you’re supposed to wrap your head around the fact that you will most likely not survive whichever infinite threat you’re facing. And that’s what I think is so strong about Zak Hilditch’s 2014 Australian film, “These Final Hours.”  I found this thing on Netflix on a whim and I was REALLY taken aback by it.  First of all, it stars Nathan Phillips of “Wolf Creek” fame, who I always buy.  Here he’s playing a very imperfect hero who is reluctantly paired with a young girl, who, refreshingly, is NOT an annoying, precocious moppet (performed by Angourie Rice, a little gem if ever there was one).  It’s sort of another bend on the whole “two misfits find each other in a world of shit” theme I seem to be so hopelessly fond of.

The most unique aspect of the film was its exploration of dire debauchery and hedonism.  I mean, think about it, if a meteor was heading towards YOUR hometown, would you find the nearest neighbor to fornicate with if you weren’t attached?  Would you do every drug you could get your hands on?  Would you kill yourself?  Go to a party?  Leap face-first into a sea of sweat-soaked bodies, writhing at the height of sexual ecstasy?  What would you do…??

What WOULD you do?

I think I know what I would do.  I would say goodbye to friends and family if I could reach them…open a bottle of Sarzotti with my wife…place my dogs in my lap…and reflect.  Only the good memories.  And show thanks for my life.  I would welcome the meteor and forgive its course of action because it would be what is to be, and there wouldn’t be a damn thing I could do about it.  I would laugh and weep and clutch my pack as close to my heart as I could.

And then I would crap my pants.

These are very troubling times we are living in.  The worst I’VE ever seen in my 45 years, for sure.  Let’s hope it DOESN’T end anytime soon, eh?  There’s still too many good wines and movies left to explore!

WINE PAIRING: The Fleshgod Apocalypse Minotaur Sangiovese from Italy sounds about right.  Although if we’re stuck in an air-stifled bunker together, I’m not too sure how successfully we’d be able to decant it.  I guess it wouldn’t matter anyway.