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An Artful Afternoon with CHRISTIE MELLOR (New Video)

My friend Christie Mellor is a unique and marvelous talent. She paints, she draws, she sings, she writes, she gardens, she mothers. I mean, it never ENDS with this woman! And now I’m very excited to share with you my new video – a “docu-portrait”, if you will – about a recent afternoon I spent with her.  Since it really is ALL about Christie and the vid, why don’t we just cut right to the chase. And if you happen to have a red velvet FEZ lying around, now would be the time to pop it on.

So click the pic of Christie below and GO!

WINE PAIRING: In a winking twist you’ll soon understand, we’re gonna go with a Dark ‘N’ Stormy on this one. Highball cocktails, baby! Perfect for a visit with this magnificent Mellor person.