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Max Koch Goes to SAVOR the CENTRAL COAST (New Video)

It was SO good to get the hell outta The Big Orange last week and once again rock it on up to our most desired destination of all, the Central Coast of California. This was our only real extended vacation for the year and so we chose to hit some spectacular wineries in Paso Robles we had yet to acquaint ourselves with – Kiamie Wine Cellars, in particular, was a gem – and spend five nights at our all-time favorite deflation station, Shoreline Inn…on the beach in Cayucos. Man, was it much-needed. Can ya tell…?


For the first time ever, we also checked out the Savor the Central Coast food and wine festival, which is put on by Sunset magazine. Talk about an adventure! I even took a champagne class, taught by the appropriately-named Christian Roguenant! Oh, are you kidding me? I shoved SO much delectable drink and artisan goodness in my face that my sorry ass practically had to be rolled outta there via wheel barrow. But, hey, y’know, I was “on vacation”.

Click the pic below for the video and GO! (And what’s with the hat? What’m I, the Indiana Jones of wine country?? Eh, why not…)

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 12.42.37 PM

WINE PAIRING: Y’know, I gotta say, I kinda went on a bit of a HARD CIDER kick on this trip. I loved the guys over at the See Canyon Hard Cider Co. but I cannot implore you harder to check out the bourbon-infused Blackbeard sparkling cider from Bristols. Word is, this thing has an actual CULT following. Well…looks like I just drank the COOL AID.

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