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Max Koch Goes on a JUICE CLEANSE (New Video)

In a strident effort to become a little healthier at 44 years of age, I agreed to go on a Pressed Juicery cleanse this weekend with my wife. Of course I had to make a video document of the surreal, incommodious process, which you can witness HERE. Special thanks to my dear old friend Jen Paige for hooking […]

My Vampire Buddy

I love all monsters. Man-made, supernatural, mutant-hillbilly…vampires. Especially vampires. My garlic-adoring wife Nichole doesn’t do vampires. She does zombies. My friend Kari doesn’t do zombies. She does vampires. In this case, I suppose you could go ahead and declare Kari my Vampire Buddy. We watched “True Blood” together, suffered the “Twilight” movies together, caught a screening of Werner […]

A Return to Labor…

Labor Day weekends are just not the same now that the Jerry Lewis MDA Telethons are no more. I grew up on those and I remember staying up all night to watch Jerry and Ed and Dean Martin and Don Rickles and Frank Sinatra and Tony Orlando and the Kasems all pretend they were sober […]