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Official “Max Koch Uncorked” Launch Today

Today, I get over my insecurities about what the hell I’m doing with my dopey life and release this blog unto the poor, unsuspecting, exhausted masses.  “Ugh, another wine blog, dude?”  God, I hope not. Celebrate with me by popping open a bottle of something special or hitting a local winery this weekend.  Just keep […]


A lotta people primarily think I’m Jewish because of how neurotic I can be…and/or my last name.  They also wonder if I’m related to the late Ed Koch or one of those much-maligned Koch Brothers that stir up so much outrage. I am not Jewish, I’m sorry to say.  I am a mixed salad of German, Irish, and […]

Bravo Farms

One of the many goals I have for this blog is to post many videos of me acting like an idiot while I explore California wine country.  I really enjoy being in front of the camera.  Especially if all I have to be is myself. Simply because I can be extremely lazy and being myself […]

“Alone with Her”

Made in 2006 and now streaming on Netflix (and evidently a version of it aired on the Lifetime network???), “Alone with Her” is one of the most gripping suspense thrillers I’ve seen in recent memory.  I’ve actually endured it THRICE now because I saw it once alone, and two more times on two other occasions with two […]

I’m 44 Now…

I turned 44 on August 8th.  I spent the evening with 4 beautiful women (my wife included) and ate gourmet sandwiches from Mendicino Farms and cupcakes from Sprinkles.  We also drank grapefruit-y cocktails and enjoyed some hearty laughs.  Then I popped in Depeche Mode’s Touring the Angel: Live in Milan and everyone started to fade.  As the […]

Reunion with the Raskoffs

There’s just something about going back to the past that I tend to avoid.  Not in this case.  I forgot to mention that the wine I present to my childhood bud at the end of this video is a 2006 Monasterio de Tentudia, a 100% Tempranillo from Spain that will take you out at the knees, […]